"INTEGRA" was established in 1993.
Coming from the mining industry and being two qualified engineers and decided to start a business in the form of a partnership. Using our knowledge and experience we seized an opportunity in the industry that we were very familiar with.
In the first years of our activities operating as a trading company buying and selling products connected with underground systems, ground works and the pipeline industry. We decided to manufacture some parts that we redesigned, plus producing some bespoke components. In 2003 we applied for ISO 9001 certification, through Moody International certification Ltd UK, complying with the regulations and have been audited regularly by Intertek, last audit 2nd March 2016.
After some years we designed and patented new products. Manufacturing specialized Casing Spacers made from HDPE to assist in feeding new pipelines through new and existing ducts/pipelines/casings, with rollers at the tips of the legs, allowing easy installation of new carrier pipes, dramatically reducing friction. Special end seals for Casings, Ducts and Pipelines made from EPDM, NBR and Silicon as well as Sealing chains. In addition we also produce a wide range of Gaskets, Wall Seals, Wall Clamps, Suspended Support Hangers and Fixed Hangers, standard and bespoke.
As our experience grew we found that the industry required more and more bespoke products so we increased our product range and the production plant to cope with the growing interest and sales from Europe, Asia, and North America.
We built up a strong relationship over the years within the Water, Sewage/Drainage, Gas, City Central Heating systems, Electrical, Telephone, Internet, and Mining Industries to whom we supply high quality specialized bespoke products.
Investing in the latest technology such as laser, ultra high water pressure cutting, for stainless and steel products, rubber, HDPE and all types of plastics.
All steel products are protected by either electroplating or galvanizing to suit the situation, plus high grade stainless steel and varying types of steel products depending on what the client’s requirements are.
The highly qualified team of over 55 staff of engineers, production and sales people between them, deal with internal and international clients.
We are always seeking to innovate, improve and widen our knowledge and experience.
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